On the Vigolana plateu, just a few kilometers away from Trento, surrounded by green and looking towards the valley, we have built a new wooden structure, perfect for those seeking some rest, and who would like to enjoy some days close to nature and its products.

The structure is build strictly following the “casa clima” guidelines. To respect nature, heating is done using a heat pump connected to photovoltaic panels.

From the position above the valley (hence the name, which means “The Valley”) you can enjoy a lovely and relaxing view. Each seasons brings new emotions, colors and scents: the delicate pinks of the blooming apple trees, the warm and fragrant yellows of the dandelions which fill the valley in early summer, the fragrance of the berries that surround our farm in the autumn, and the purity of the whites of the snow, that covers everything like a blanket in the winter.

In our family-run farm you will find a simple and genuine hospitality, full of attention for your needs.




Spend a relaxing night in our rooms, furnished with love and care to details. You will wake up in the morning by the singing of our cock “Fiorello”, or by the braying of “Gina” the donkey, and you will enjoy a good country breakfast, like those our grandparents had. We serve fresh milk (from the cows in the nearby barn), seasonal fruits, jams and juices from our own production, and, of course, a good slice of cake made by mamma Rosa.

With our Angela, your children certainly will not be bored: she can bring them to collect eggs from the hen-house, feed the donkeys, or maybe gather some delicious strawberries.